Digital Marketing Analytics

Analytics professionals Chuck Hemann and Ken Burbary offer an exhaustive guide to “digital marketing analytics” in public relations and marketing. Managers in other areas, such as product management or customer service, can also learn a lot from this report about the insights analytics provide about customers and their preferences. For the best results, go beyond using digital data for marketing only and call on it to improve customer service and product launches, and to anticipate and counter potential crises. Because so few companies are taking digital marketing analytics seriously, early adoption can grant you a significant edge over your competition. However, you’ll need to define your goals, and invest in selecting the right tools and the right people. This manual’s scope and depth has advantages and disadvantages. If you plan to launch a digital marketing program, it will be useful in that it starts with the basics and drills into details on a variety of subjects. However, while it works as a manual, the text does not lend itself to easy reading. LetsRead recommends it to marketing and public relations professionals and to other managers who want to capitalize on insights from digital marketing analytics.

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