Managing Multiple Projects

Irene and Michael Tobis have written an essential book for managers who run numerous small projects or complex combinations of large and small projects with multiple employees who have varying skill levels. If the process you manage hasn’t been automated to the point of being an assembly line, you need this book, especially if you are responsible for team production and output. LetsRead recommends it as a fundamental part of any business management curriculum and as a training tool for new managers. Others who would benefit from it include teachers, project leaders, volunteer organization presidents and committee heads who orchestrate complex tasks. The authors provide principles, definitions and techniques that you can apply to your specific situation. Anyone who feels overwhelmed or overloaded will benefit, in particular, from chapters five and six, which focus on identifying everything you have committed to and developing a plan both to get out from under the overload and to manage future commitments more gracefully. Go get your copy.

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