Identifying and Managing Project Risk

Author Tom Kendrick has clearly steeped himself in the analysis of projects and project risks. This book is, if anything, almost too comprehensive. It draws on an extensive database of project experience and passes along detailed observations, facts and circumstances relating to project risk control. Because the style is somewhat hard to follow, you have to pay attention to understand how these observations and experiences relate to managing a project and its risks. Sometimes the author detours to trees when the issue is the forest. Nonetheless, this book absolutely belongs on every project manager’s shelf. As a lagniappe, the author provides an interesting history of one of the most important projects in modern history – the construction of the Panama Canal. As a metaphor for every project, it works nicely. Almost every “don’t” and every “do” of project management happened during the construction of the Canal. If you are enthralled by how projects unfold – or in charge of one – LetsRead recommends this book to you. You’ll even love the detours.

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