Fast Projects

Why do so many grandiose projects fail so miserably? In 2001, Kmart canceled its supply chain management system after $130 million in project expenses. In 2004, Ford Motor Company retired its purchasing setup not long after spending $400 million to develop it. These projects from hell, alas, are not aberrations. Indeed, many projects become utter disasters, with missed deadlines, mangled goals and monster cost overruns. Thus the idea that you can bring your projects in under budget and ahead of schedule while meeting all your quality goals sounds absurdly naive. Not according to Fergus O’Connell, a delightfully witty Irish project management expert. His entertaining, easy-to-read, informative book shows you how to plan, execute and finish any project at top speed – and how to determine whether you should take it on in the first place. LetsRead recommends O’Connell’s efficient game plan to anyone with projects to complete.

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