Information Technology Project Management

In this textbook on managing information technology (IT) projects, Jack T. Marchewka gives clear explanations of sound project-management principles. The book’s organization and tone are designed for a college setting. Of course, you can read the book on your own and get a great deal from it, even without classroom discussion of its case studies and review questions. Note the bullet points that list each chapter’s objectives as items to prioritize as you read. Each chapter’s summary will help you determine if you picked up what the author is trying to share. Marchewka’s language is formal but readable, and he focuses less on entertaining you than on communicating solid, useful information. He thoroughly describes IT projects’ special considerations, emphasizing the importance of human interaction and employee training and skills. LetsRead recommends this book to project managers with IT backgrounds who want to hone their people-management skills and to general project managers who want information on handling IT projects.

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