The Impact Equation

These days, nearly everyone blogs or tweets. But only few people ever make a genuine impact online. New York Times best-selling authors Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, who co-wrote Trust Agents, are both well-known web personalities. They want to teach you how to foster viable online communities and secure sizable Internet audiences that are willing to act on your ideas. Brogan and Smith understand the web thoroughly, and offer worthwhile tips and tactics to help you get noticed. Though the authors include many compelling, semirelevant, oddball facts, the book is basic, jumps around, suffers from excessive self-promotion and sometimes proves self-contradictory. However, LetsRead believes that, despite those shortcomings, Brogan and Smith’s advice will be useful to beginning bloggers, tweeters, Facebookers and social media impresarios seeking to make a splash online.

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