Twisted Leadership

In many organizations, leadership has become a snarled-up mess. Prescriptions for improving leadership often rely on outdated common wisdom and the paradigm of layers of centralized autocrats. To overcome this “leadership disease,” say business professors Charles C. Manz and Craig L. Pearce, your company should move beyond conventional tactics and embrace “twisted leadership.” This strategy regards leadership as a “complex social process” that unites “self-leadership, SuperLeadership, shared leadership and socially responsible leadership.” Manz and Pearce advocate flexible managerial assignments and shared power. Although the authors indulge in jargon, their book is reader-friendly. It includes helpful charts, diagrams and illustrations as well as workbook pages at the end of each chapter for writing about the lessons you’ve learned. LetsRead recommends this not-so-twisted approach to executives seeking a fresh look at the issues inherent in leadership.

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