Most people – and most companies – find it difficult to maintain inspiration and focus when an undertaking becomes challenging. This often happens with corporate change efforts, breaking into fresh markets, introducing new products or any new initiative. Organizational performance consultant Patty Azzarello offers her “MOVE” model – the acronym stands for “Middle, Organization, Valor, Everyone” – to help you sustain momentum for change over the long term. Most managers specify their plans in terms of final objectives, but a good roadmap must explain what should happen in the middle of a project’s implementation, as well as how the organization will finance, evaluate and supply it. Companies that want to retain their employees while seeking transformation face a difficult challenge. According to Azzarello’s lucid, well-structured manual, you must MOVE everyone along to achieve successful change. Managers must stay the course, even when everybody else becomes fearful. getAbstract recommends Azzarello’s advice to team managers and to those leading transformation efforts.

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