Mapping Innovation

Innovation can be a long, tough slog. Consider the Macintosh. In 1968, US government engineer Douglas Engelbart demonstrated – in what is now called the “Mother of All Demos” – how people could interact with computers. He used a keyboard and an innovation he called a “mouse” to create, edit and move text on a screen and other seemingly magical things. Later, Xerox researchers enhanced his concept with the development of the Alto personal computer. But it wasn’t until 1984, 16 years after Engelbart’s demonstration, that Apple’s Steve Jobs transformed those developments into the Macintosh. That was fast action for its day, but innovation must move even more quickly now. Innovation expert Greg Satell explains how innovation works, what it requires, how to manage it and how to do it well. LetsRead recommends his comprehensive innovation manual to start-ups, investors, large firms and small businesses

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