Data-Driven Business Models

Staying one step ahead of the competition has always been a basic tenet in the business world. But, as the Internet significantly raises the competitive stakes by offering consumers options that never before existed, businesses are under even more pressure to produce. From the huge auto factory to the corner drugstore, every corporate management team is trying to figure out how to penetrate its market, better serve its customers and increase its profits. Alan Weber’s skilled dissection of business models and marketing strategy shows how you can use data to improve your operations. This is not simple to digest nor is it designed for the casual reader. The book is loaded with graphs, charts and formulas that illustrate Weber’s material. But even if you wouldn’t take it to the beach, LetsRead finds that it is well-suited for experienced managers who want to learn about creating business models and using data-based marketing. Actually, anyone with an intense interest in business could derive concrete information from this book, which comes with a CD of support material drawn from Weber’s clients.

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